Here at CHEO we have the brightest researchers creating better outcomes for patients, doctors working diligently to choose the best individual treatment plan for their patients, and nurses working to find the easiest way to administer medications or take blood.

It’s your support that makes all of this, and so much more, possible. At the CHEO Foundation our promise is to ensure your funds are hard at work helping all of CHEO’s healthcare providers do their best. Please read on to learn how your CN Cycle for CHEO donation is helping the oncology patients of today and tomorrow.

Here are some examples of how your funds are having an impact:

An Apheresis Machine

This machine is an important piece of equipment for patients diagnosed with blood cancers like leukemia. Apheresis literally means “to take away.” This machine separates the blood from a donor or a patient into its different parts; plasma, white and red blood cells.

New assessment room in the Medical Day Unit (MDU)

CHEO’s MDU is a busy place with over 10,500 patient visits every year. This new assessment room has been created so staff can treat more kids, and decrease wait times. The new room has all the standard equipment like infant and adult-sized scales, blood pressure cuffs, a stretcher, thermometer and a measuring board for young and older patients.

Low-dose CT scanner

A new CT scanner is going to drastically change patient care. From babies to teenagers, patients who need these exams must be exposed to radiation in order to find a diagnosis. With the new technologies available, these new scanners reduce radiation doses significantly and are much faster. This means a patient spends less time on the CT table. It can mean a reduced need for anaesthesia as well. CT scans are the backbone of medical imaging. They give radiologists the critical information needed to diagnose illnesses and save lives.

Child Life Programs

Child life programs at CHEO help patients and families adjust to, and better understand, their health care experience. Child Life Specialists prepare and support children and youth during medical tests and procedures through play, teaching, and coping skills development. This year support for CHEO’s child life programs will be increased in order to expand access to more families.

 Psychological support

CHEO offers dedicated psychological services to our oncology patients. This novel program was initiated by families. A new clinical psychologist provides assessments, consultations and counselling to children and youth currently in treatment as well as to cancer survivors dealing with lingering effects from their treatment. It is 100 percent donor funded.

Funding Oncology Research

In the past five years alone, the CHEO Foundation has provided more than $5.5 million in funding for oncology research and we are committed to another $1.1 million in the coming year. Research at CHEO involves a multidisciplinary team working together to set clinical trials into motion. In paediatric oncology, researchers employ evidence-based medicine. Everything they do is based on previous clinical trials. Working as one team researchers build on every discovery and advancement, big or small. Learning more about patients who unfortunately do not respond well to treatments is extremely important in designing new and more effective interventions and therapies. Investing in research is critical as the progress in treatment of some cancers so clearly illustrates. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of childhood cancer and children afflicted with ALL in the 1950’s were faced with a grim prognosis. Thanks to investments and advancements in research, children with ALL today have a cure rate of over 90 percent. Though there is still much work to be done, this progress provides hope and optimism for researchers at CHEO working toward discoveries for all different types of cancers.  Your support enables them to carry on this vital work.

Support for Families in Need

The CHEO Foundation provides assistance for families when they need it most. With your financial support funding is delivered through CHEO’s Social Work team who connect with families to understand and address their needs. There are many expenses that come along with having a child with cancer especially for those who live outside of Ottawa and those who must travel to Montreal or Toronto for treatments not available at CHEO such as bone marrow transplants. Thanks to you we are able to assist these families with the cost of travel, accommodation, food and other needs. The CHEO Foundation also supports the purchase and rental of medical equipment and supplies that are not covered by provincial health or insurance plans. With your help, together we make life a little easier for families during stressful and challenging times.


Updated content coming January 15, 2018

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