Every year three of CHEO’s oncology patients bravely answer the call to become the faces of the CN Cycle for CHEO event as the McDonald’s Dream Team. They represent all children and teens in our region who are facing cancer. These young ambassadors and their families know first-hand what the patients at CHEO are going through. Their commitment of time, energy and enthusiasm inspires us all to support the crucial work devoted to ending pediatric cancer. The courage these young people bring to this effort makes us so proud to present them to you. Meet the 2017 McDonald’s Dream Team, read their stories and please lend your support to their hard work and the work of so many who are trying to make a difference in the lives of children and families at CHEO.


 CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_Jonah CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_JonahBack

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CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_Katie CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_KatieBack

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CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_Kwayza CHEO_CNCycle_TradingCards2017_KwayzaBack

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