Participate until May 2

About the event:

CN Cycle for CHEO is a fun, non-competitive event that offers a wide range of cycling and walking routes for people of all ages and abilities. Due to the pandemic CN Cycle for CHEO will be a virtual event and with your help will raise much needed funds to support oncology care and research for CHEO’s oncology patients.

The children and youth confronted with a cancer diagnosis rely on the staff at CHEO to help them through this difficult journey. The staff’s expertise, innovative research and special brand of care will ensure that about 80% of patients will survive their cancer diagnosis. But by continuously investing in research and devising new treatment plans our goal is to someday eradicate all pediatric cancers.

Participate and fundraise until May 2 to make sure that CHEO remains an innovative leader in creating better treatment options and finding new cures so that more kids survive cancer!

Did you know?

  • On average 75 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year at CHEO.
  • Each patient receives a treatment plan unique to them.
  • Remission is achieved when all the cancer cells have been removed or destroyed and there is no evidence of cancer cells in the body.
  • Each cancer patient gets a bell ceremony. Families, friends and CHEO staff gather to cheer on their patient as they ring the special bell to mark the end of their treatment. It is both an emotional and celebratory moment that highlights their courage.
  • Less invasive treatment = increased quality of life. Senior scientists at CHEO are manufacturing oncolytic viruses capable of attacking cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells intact. This very promising therapy just began the clinical trials phase in adults.
  • Our oncology team treats close to 200 cancer patients every year.


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