Here at CHEO a world-class team of professionals is making the health and well-being of this community their first priority. CHEO has the brightest researchers uncovering better options to combat illness, dedicated doctors employing the best individual treatment plans for their patients and nurses perfecting the most gentle ways to administer medications and deliver care. It’s your support that makes all of this, and so much more, possible. At the CHEO Foundation our promise is to ensure your funds are hard at work helping all of CHEO’s healthcare providers do their best. Please read on to learn how your CN Cycle for CHEO donation is helping the oncology patients of today and tomorrow.

Here are some examples of how your funds are having an impact:

Mental health support for patients and families

CHEO’s dedicated services for cancer patients include a team focused on emotional and mental health. The Hematology/Oncology Psychosocial Team provides approximately 300 families per year with services that include counselling, social work, support during hospitalization and outreach to schools. This team would not exist without donor dollars and it plays an important role in helping children and youth face the harsh realities of living with cancer.

Portable X-ray machine

Testing, diagnosing and treating patients who range from the tiniest babies to the tallest teenagers requires equipment that is adaptable. CHEO was able to make a portable X-ray machine available for our young cancer patients. Getting children in and out of bed in order to run tests in another department, often on another floor of the hospital, can be disruptive, painful and scary. Your contributions bring medical imaging directly to children without causing them undue pain or stress.

Child Life Programs

Child life programs at CHEO help patients and families adjust to, and better understand, their health care experience. Child Life Specialists prepare and support children and youth during medical tests and procedures through play, teaching, and coping skills development.

Support for families in need

The CHEO Foundation provides assistance for families when they need it most. With your financial support, funding is delivered through CHEO’s social work team who connect with families to understand and address their needs. There are many expenses that come from having a child with cancer especially for those who live outside of Ottawa and those who must travel to Montreal or Toronto for treatments not available at CHEO such as bone marrow transplants. Thanks to you we are able to assist these families with the cost of travel, accommodation, food and other needs. The CHEO Foundation also supports the purchase and rental of medical equipment and supplies that are not covered by provincial health or insurance plans. With your help, we make life a little easier.

Funding oncology research

Research at CHEO involves a multidisciplinary team working together to set clinical trials into motion. In pediatric oncology, researchers employ evidence-based medicine. Everything they do is anchored in data from previous clinical trials. Working as one team researchers build on every discovery and advancement, big or small.

Dr. Shawn Beug is a scientist working tirelessly with colleagues locally and across North America to innovate cancer care. One of his targets involves understanding and overpowering hard to treat cancers including pediatric neuroblastoma and glioblastoma, particularly refractory cases that recur and are so devastating for young patients and their families. The use of drugs called Smac mimetics is being evaluated to see if, as Dr. Beug believes, the strength of these drugs is their ability to use the immune system to destroy cancer cells so patients can avoid damaging courses of treatment involving chemotherapy and radiation.

Avoiding the long-term side effects of traditional cancer treatment is a priority for everyone working to care for young patients. By investing in this work you are part of the long-term vision to put an end to these, and other, types of cancer as well as the more immediate need for safer and more gentle therapies. Though there is still much work to be done, this progress provides hope and optimism for researchers at CHEO working toward discoveries for all different types of cancers.

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