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HOW TO ACCEPT CASH DONATIONS: You can submit cash donations to be included in your fundraising total by taking the cash and either using your credit card to pay the donation amount or making the payment with a cheque.

Paying by credit card

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Donate button
  3. Ensure you are logged out of the system (this will ensure that the donation does not go under your name inadvertently). See the image below which shows the LOGOUT button you need to click to exit the system.
  4. Search for yourself because you want to ensure the donation shows under your page.
  5. Once you have found your participant link click on the Donate Now button.
  6. Complete the previous steps for each separate donation you would like entered.

Please have the donor’s complete mailing address and email address so that they get the tax receipt directly. Your online funds raised total will go up immediately to meet your goal set for the event.

Paying by cheque

You can personally write one cheque to cover all cash collected – just make sure that each individual donation is shown on your offline pledge form and that mailing and email addresses are included for all donors. Your online funds raised total will go up to meet your goal set for the event once the donations are added into the secure system by CHEO Foundation staff. Mail the offline pledge form with your cheque to the mailing address below.

HOW TO ACCEPT DONATIONS BY CHEQUE: You can send cheques along with an offline pledge form containing donor information to the CHEO Foundation and they will be added to your fundraising total by the CHEO Foundation staff through our secure system. The donors whose names are on the cheque will get receipts within a week of the CHEO Foundation receiving their information if funds are received prior to the event. Please be sure to remind your donors that while some personal cheques do not include a mailing address, this information is necessary in order for them to receive a tax receipt. Mail the offline pledge form with cheques to the mailing address below.

Attention: Finance
CHEO Foundation
415 Smyth Rd
Ottawa, ON
K1H 8M8

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